Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because every man secretly thinks he's a genius


Men think they are geniuses. They think if only they were seen, if only they had a chance to really showcase their talents, the world would understand how special they are.

There are different types of genius males.

There are the ones who quietly go about their day silently knowing more and better than everyone around them and being polite out of a conviction of their own unshakable belief in their own self esteem.

There are the loud mouth geniuses who jump in to tell everyone first what the answer to a certain question is, a new fact about anything a group of friends of colleagues are discussing or just start their day with their latest anecdote that is intended to stun the office.

There are the geniuses who think that there may be a few men smarter than they in the world, but they are smarter than all women.

Then there are the educated geniuses who think that their degree or other qualification is enough to make them an authority on all subjects.

Men have little tricks, or quirks that they use to tell themselves and the world that they are geniuses.

They pace when on the phone, or they can’t sit still for a minute or they automatically take a contrary position on any argument in order to show their brilliance. The secret geniuses love it when small crowd of likeminded folk are discussing a topic (any topic) because he will take a verbose opposing view and smile smugly at attempts to defend the original position knowing he won’t be convinced by any argument no matter how rational; because he’s a genius and actually wants to cause a stir, not think rationally about anything.

He will then relate the conversation ad nauseam to his long suffering wife all the way home, pointing out the little nuances in the argument that all but he had missed.

In romance novels even the genius males don’t know that they are geniuses. A woman does not have to suffer the eternal machinations of the ordinary mans attempts to establish his brilliance because heroes in romance novels have no desire to be seen in that way. To a romance novel hero, genius is as genius does. That’s it.



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