Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because every woman, no matter what she says, follows astrology

Fortune teller

Make no mistake about this. Women think astrology is a science.

If any women ever looks you in the eye, and tells you that she has no interest in astrology, that it isn’t her thing and she can’t understand the attraction – she’s lying.

You must understand, this is a bit of a sore point for women. They’ve tried, really they’ve tried since emancipation to give this one up, but they just can’t shake the habit.

They will go months, years even, and then one day they will casually glance at the newspaper and ‘accidently’ read what the stars have in store for them that month, and bingo – they’re hooked again. Before they know it, they’re checking in on their boyfriends stars, looking up a blog for a ‘deeper understanding’ and then doing their charts.

Then without seeing the warning signs, she is consulting the stars every day to plan her day, working on the shadow side of her personality and using astrology to help her climb her ladder to a deeper spiritual awareness. In fact, you know you’re in trouble if she brings home the candles and the herbs and sits mysteriously in the corner carving things into the wax, and reading a little book she picked up for $65 at the local Saturn Return book shop.

This is an addiction for women and only a high level intervention on mass with all women will help them get over it. If step one is admitting you have a problem, then we have trouble because even the most rational minded woman will not admit that, alone in the bathroom with the daily paper, she hasn’t just peeked  - for a laugh – at what the stars say today.

In romance novels astrology is completely legitimised. Sorcerers, magicians and all kinds of star gazers take the place of so called rational people, and the woman can feed her little addiction in peace, knowing if anyone catches her at it, she can claim she didn’t know it was in the book.


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