Friday, April 24, 2009

Because every woman thinks she is Carrie Bradshaw

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You have to understand. Sex and the city is not just a show. It’s a validation. And no one wants a validation more than women.

Even if a woman is overweight, poor, tired, married to her overweight childhood sweetheart, living in the smallest most insignificant town that ever graced the face of the earth, attending a meaningless job every day, or never owned a pair of shoes in her life, she is Carrie Bradshaw.

It’s because Carrie Bradshaw exemplifies all that women want to be.

She’s not perfectly beautiful but she has a “certain something” that sets her apart from all other women; her up to the minute designer labels were found for fifty cents in a vintage clothing store; her job is talking about relationships with her friends; her friends are all archetypes and fit neatly into categories that she is consistently superior to; and spending all day in deep introspection is the height of intellectual activity.

Carrie Bradshaw is the ideal woman - To women. She represents the way women wish the world was.

She is rescued by men financially all the time, but she “deserves” it because she’s spun herself into an emotional web that took expensive therapy to extricate herself from – none of which is her fault and which corresponds to the work it takes to set up a successful business or work hard at a job and become good enough to rise through the ranks. She’s earn’t the money she received, no question about it.

Women read romance novels in search of Carrie Bradshaw, to escape Carrie Bradshaw but most of all because they are Carrie Bradshaw and they deserve the time out.



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