Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because men can fix plumbing - even when they can't

Plumber working on sink


There are three things men effectively can do regardless of the results of their efforts. Repair all plumbing problems, fix the car and do their own extension.

The law of the land argues that all three of these tasks require extensive education. There is not just theory required, but practical components, recognising that you can’t simply learn these tasks from a book. You need to do them in a prescribed amount of time, to a specific standard and be able to do this over and over, day after day before you qualify to perform these repairs.

The primary reason for this is they can cause death if not done correctly.

None of this matters to men. From the dripping tap to the clogged sewer, a man will resist calling the professional for as long as he can get away with it, either ‘getting in there’ on the weekend, or thinking ‘he must get to that’ and never actually getting around to it.

Every mechanic who works on the car to the man is the enemy. Every mechanic is trying to rip him off, or at least assert a superior style of masculinity over him. Men will do all sorts of things to ‘prepare’ to confront the mechanic from leaving small indicators around the engine to show someone actually did the work, to getting in and fixing it himself first – the result inevitably being it will need more expensive work than it would have before.

Men will think nothing of having their family live in a house littered with nails, sheets of glass, cut and broken tiles exposed pipes and dripping roofs as they take the prescribed five years to complete the extension on the house they don’t have council approval for.

In romance novels, a man does not see it as a challenge to his masculinity if you have to call in a plumber to do a plumbers job. He never even makes the connection. Because he’s just slayed four soldiers, a vampire and a dragon, he’s happy to let the professional do their job.


  1. Usually people will realize they did a mistake just after they did it. do your self a favor and call a plumber

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