Thursday, April 16, 2009

because men gossip too much



It is a universal truth that men and women will be attributed characteristics that all their behaviors contradict. A good example of this is compassion in women (women only show compassion if there is a good reason for it – it rarely comes naturally) and bitching in men.


Men gossip. It is a fact that language has done its best to hide, but simply can't. Men gossip about everything, from what the latest footballers did on the field on Sunday night, their mates’ renovation, to who is using the executive washroom and why that allocation is unfair.


If you stand them still long enough, you will hear endless exposition on any subject you choose, regardless of their level of expertise, and it will always, without question include a person they know or have heard about who is doing it wrong.


Of course this is never called gossip, so we can't always recognize it for what it is. Discussing how the half back should have played is not gossip, but talking about Britney wearing short shorts a few sizes too small is. Going over the bosses plans for the section and why he just doesn’t get it, is not gossip, but talking bout your visit to the doctor last night is.  It is these artificial barriers that make us think men don’t gossip.


Because men have avoided gossip, not by refusing to partake in it, but by calling it something else when they do it, they try to maintain this rouse regardless of their behaviors.


But the truth of the matter is, men will never ever miss an opportunity to inject themselves into a conversation, or express an opinion on a matter no matter how trivial, or how busy they purport to be.,


In romance novels, the fact that men gossip is not hidden. It's understood that talking to one another about stuff, is not detrimental to the human race. Chatting to their mates about the state of the relationship, as they enjoy the football game, or discussing their friends health and his ability to defend himself against his mortal enemy who has just traveled through time to defeat him once and for all is not buried under a mask of shame.


Men in romance novels talk to all and everyone about everything, just like men in the real world. The only difference is, in romance novels, the men don’t worry about this behavior skewing their image and they don’t need to create nonsensical convoluted arguments to try to hide it.


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