Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because men hate womens bodies

BimboMen hate women's bodies.

I know what you’re going to say. Men love women’s bodies.

But take a closer look.

Men need women’s bodies to be completely distorted before they find it attractive. The natural hair has to be virtually gone, the breasts need to be pushed out of shape by bras, the stomach needs to disappear completely and there must be almost no natural fat build up at all.

But don’t imagine any of this has to do with health and fitness. The average female athlete is unattractive to men as well. After all she has virtually no breasts.

The only ‘woman’ attractive to men is Barbie; and if the female resembles Barbie, she is rewarded with a wolf whistle, a bum pinch, or a come on line.

She’s never, ever under any circumstances rewarded with respect. After all, she’s gone to all this trouble to look like something he wants; he can’t respect her for that. It’s pathetic really. So he can ogle her free of any moral or intellectual constraints because by the very fact that she’s pandering to his desires, she’s proving herself unworthy of his respect.

In fact, men will take this opportunity to be stupid to the absolute extreme. It is assumed a woman who has gone to this kind of trouble (it is usually young women because they aren’t smart enough to have worked it all out yet, although some older women do it proving some women never work it out) is asking for the disrespect. They don’t think she hasn’t worked out the rules, or that the rules are stupid, but that she knows his brain and is penis are in heavy conflict and that winning one over means you lose the other.

In romance novels the Barbie type is ugly, because she doesn’t look like a woman. The hero is sexually repulsed by anything so distant in shape and concept from a woman, because the hero is a real hetro man.



  1. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your site.

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  3. Geez, when's the last time you met an intelligent man, anyway? Most guys who take good care of themselves, love women's actual bodies, exercise their brains, carry on intelligent conversation, etc. are REJECTED constantly by women. Yes, intelligent women too. Why? Because in order to attract them, they have to be alpha male Schwarzenegger, millionaire Bruce Wayne, and genius Stephen Hawking all rolled up into one---minus the body odour, pretense, and degenerative condition, of course. Women have just as brutal expectations of men, if not more brutal, than men have of women.

  4. What kills me is that most young men, who haven't had a lot of experience, have no idea what a natural woman's body looks like thanks to porn and the media.

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  6. I guess I'm kind of odd, then. I only know two slim women. The rest are ranging from chubby to obese, one just losing weight out of the "morbidly obese" category. Given that many, many countries now have a 65% obesity rate or higher, it's not a bad thing or unexpected. I know blondes and brunettes, a red head or two. Some of them have bushy eyebrows. Some of them don't have long lashes.

    I might not be in a relationship with these girls on a romantic level, but I certainly have dated women who didn't fight themselves.

    If a woman is confident and intelligent, nothing is sexier.

  7. Such hypocrisy, I have to take some Pepto Bismo to calm my stomach.

    Every modern romance novel that has a male love interest (noted that MOST novels have multiples, for the main female character), has shamefully copied every generic profile and cliche there is, to appease the female reader by offering a mental image of a handsome, strong, muscular, gentle yet firmly "pressing her bosom while she rubs his loins".

    In other words, all messages all clear, the only REAL men that are the subject of hearts desire have to embody all of these qualities, and anyone else?

    Down the gutter they go.

    And you have the nerve, to suggest, that MEN think women should be Barbie-clones.

    Dr. Morlenheim

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  9. I have yet to meet guys who suffer from being objectified... meaning those who were raped, abused and used by women. As oppose to the countless of women who are raped, abused and used everyday by men. Don't put men in the same level as women when it comes to being a victim.

    Also men don't have anything to lose when it comes to the mating game. Men don't have to spend nine months of having a distorted minds and bodies (pregnancy fucks up a womens' bodies and minds, something to which men have no fucking clue)nor do men have to spend time and money on carrying and caring for that child, so is it no wonder women are picky. They have to be... look at all the trouble and bullshit they have to go through. Men don't have to worry about such responsibilities so we shouldn't be so harsh over our females.

  10. Personally, I think you need to move to a different place. It really depends on where one lives. Picky males are everywhere but depending on the region or how the male is brought up, not all want a flat board stomach, big breasted, fake bimbo. I, for one, love the women one sees in art pieces. Women with real curves, as oppose to the bony, so firm that there is nothing to grab. Sorry but most men still want meaty women.

    Unfortunately, due to the visual stimulation of the society, most guys are brought up to view women as cute little objects (view them as a status symbol like a car), as oppose to future mothers of our children (a human being with intelligence). This switch of the role has caused great damage to the image of women and damage to the image of men in some way. It damages men because the media has brain washed them more so than it did to women on what a woman should look like. Then men see that such women are airbrushed or made up and feel short changed. Too bad the damage is already been made and the guy is lost... which is better... more women for the rest of us. :)

    You also need to go out with men who don't watch tv at all and who goes out more than sitting inside at home. I've noticed that my friends who spent more indoors have the damaging view of women more so than men who spent more time outdoors. By being indoors, people are more exposed to the poison media than those who are going out and doing some activity that isn't pop culture related activity (go to museums, festivals, conventions, go to natural parks etc).

    Again move around. You'll find that there are various types of guys out there with various types of taste. Men who are online most of time are too brain washed by the poison media to really care for real women, much less know how to please one. Best of wishes and luck to ya.

  11. Oh boy... the porn excuse is irrelevant. Have you seen most of the gals in porn have stomachs and cellulite... because apparently you haven't. Most of the female porn stars are meaty and have real curves, as oppose to the females in other forms of media like magazines, where airbrushing and photoshoping are easier. Even the professional porn stars have flaws that we normally wouldn't see in the magazines, but men still want them... regardless of those flaws.

    Also young men tend to view amateur porn so they're looking at women who are properly aren't that good looking to begin with, so I wouldn't worry about them. Plus most of them would rather have a real woman than some image. I remember being a young lad and going with a really over weight woman who is taller than I am and I grew up looking at airbrushed photos and such. Sorry but nothing can replace the real thing. :) Then again I'm more of a kinesthetics kind of guy and rather feel a voluptuous female with meat than a bag of bones or muscles. Women are suppose to be soft and squishy.

    What I would complain, if I were a woman, would be the lack of black women in the media that are targeted towards to men. Have you noticed that most of women in Spike TV are white and blonde? From time to time we see Hispanics but mainly light skinned Hispanics and rarely see any black women. I would bitch about that and not porn.

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