Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because men think winning the battle is more important than winning the war


A man will argue that black is white; day is night and hot is cold in order to win an argument; Even if he doesn’t believe those things.

It is more important for a man to win the current argument than it is for him to establish himself as intelligent or talented in the long term. All that matters to him is that when interacting with other human beings (although this battle winning also applies to broken appliances) he leaves as the ‘victor’; Even if there is no war.

This means two things. Men will look for ways to determine themselves as victor. And men will set a series of rules that they will not share with their opponent, establishing a greater opportunity for them to come out the winner.

Everything is weighed up in a series of competitive cheques and balances in a man’s’ mind. This is why he won’t ask for directions. It means to the person he asks – he’s lost. That person knows something he does not know, and they knew it first. They win. He can’t let that happen. Even if it means not showing up at the destination, he’ll be the winner in the end because he didn’t ask for directions.

If you are arguing with a man and his witty come back to your point is “so?” and you throw your hands up in the air and walk away – he’s won. It is simply irrelevant what you think of him later. It never occurs to him. All he cares about is that he won that battle.

If a man successfully avoids the best advice at the most crucial moment – but it was not a moment chosen by him – he will reject it and in his mind this means he’s won. Everything is a challenge to be met, a gauntlet to be run and a chance for him to showcase his abilities. His abilities in what skill in particular are not important.

In romance novels men never act so irrationally. They ask for directions, they aggressively seek advice from professionals, and they focus in a strategic fashion on the long term objective.


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