Sunday, April 26, 2009

Because men want to be a hero without having to act like a hero

superhero concept for business with businessman

Men want to be heroes without acting like a hero or doing anything that could be mistaken for heroic.

Men love super heroes. They compare themselves to them all the time. When a man looks a superhero he thinks "yeah - me and Batman - alone against the world" or "Superman has to save the whole world - I know exactly how he feels."

Men think they deserve superhero status because they bring home money, unclog the sink, and haven't cheated on their partners today. In fact, men don't need to have done the first two acts of heroism. They think they are hero enough because they haven't slept with any hot babe on the way home from work.

Of course the fact that no woman was available, or that he'd be lost without his partner are side issues. Small facts like this can't get in the way of this kind of day dreaming that shapes reality. He's been faithful all day and somehow, in his mind this means he's performed a heroic act and deserves to sit on the couch watching TV all night.  Just him and Batman.

In romance novels the men don't get to be a hero until they actually DO something heroic. And the heroic act actually has to be difficult, morally challenging or dangerous. Then, and this is the most important thing of all, they are a hero if, they come out the other side the victor.


  1. So much hate! It's great! Shame you just can't neuter them all huh?

    Check it out:

    Zephyr -- a superhero webcomic in prose

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