Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because of men

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The primary reason women read romance novels is men.

A common misconception about romance and erotic romance is that when women read it, they form unrealistic expectations of men and this places them deep into a fairy land which is not connected to any sort of reality. In other words, women read romance novels because they are emotional. (More on that another time)

This is incorrect. In fact, it is the other way around. Women read romance novels because the men in their life do not live up to the existing expectations that are placed on men in our society. So women turn, in disappointment to the romance novels where the men ALL live up to what is expected of men in our society.

This would seem very unfair, until you realise that the original expectations were not created by women, they were created by men.

Men like to think of themselves as rational, emotionally strong creatures. Women believe them, even to the point of calling their own practical sensible nature irrational, just to support the man.

Then disappointment seeps in when men overemphasise their current illness, exact revenge on a colleague for getting a better holiday deal or wander down to the pub to get drunk and win at pool just because they couldn’t repair the sink when it was clogged.

These are, of course, highly irrational behaviours, that women are told represent rationality.

Women will believe this out of a desire to be supportive (their logic being, if I support his little white lie he will support mine later – note this never happens) until they realise that the man thinks he has convinced you it IS rational, just as he has convinced himself.

Rather than question the notion of rationality, women will go to the romance novels, primarily written by other women, to read about men who don’t sulk when they can’t unclog the bathroom sink and who only glass someone when they are daemon, or an evil vampire or some god turned bad threatening their family with imminent death.



  1. This is sooooooooooo true! I had an unmarried friend once who asked me why I read so many romance novels. She said, "You're married, you don't need those fantasies when you have the real thing."
    I merely laughed and said, "You're right I'm married and I have the real thing...and that's EXACTLY why I DO need the fantasy."

  2. Ha ha ha... I agree with that.... there is nothing like day to day marraige to make you crave some romance... ha ha ha...

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