Monday, April 27, 2009

Because when men want to be wild, they think it's their woman holding them back.

Guitarsolo at a rock concert

Men like to think that if they were free they would be wild boys. Every man allowed to live the life he wants, would be out sleeping with thousands of women, eating cold pizza for breakfast, drinking beer like water, and smoking before going on bungee jumps and learning how to fly glider planes.

For men, it’s the woman’s fault that he can’t live like a rock star.

Not his lack of talent, ability, drive, ambition, courage finesse looks or charisma. No, it’s the woman holding him back from living like Jim Morrison.

One of the reasons men are so desperate to get married, is it finally relieves the pressure of having to hold up the ‘image’ of being male. Now, he can sit back comfortably each night, his healthy meal prepared, his home clean, his work done at the end of the day, money in the account, and say to himself “If it wasn’t for her, I would be wild and free.”

For a man, everything missing from his life, that he always wanted, but didn’t have the courage to create for himself, is the woman’s fault. It’s her fault he’s not out sleeping with super models every night. It’s her fault he can’t go every weekend on adventure holidays with his hoards of wild mates (who are also in their safe homes counting their pennies). It’s her fault he’s ‘tapped’ in his high paying job, and it’s her fault too much beer makes his belly swell.

Of course, along with this irrationality goes the idea that she never feels restless. Every man imagines his wife / girlfriend / partner got the better end of the deal. She gets the life SHE wanted – it’s never realised that she feels trapped too – she gets him healthier, stronger, fitter and richer than he would be alone. So these are all benefits to her. Not to him. In a man’s topsy-turvy world he imagines he’s staying home for his cooked dinners and clean laundry every night as a favour to HER.

In romance novels, the heroes sow their wild oats. They take responsibility for their own wild times, and make them happen when they are young, or they leave an unpleasant situation to make them happen when they are older. They never blame their woman for what is their own responsibility and they never think of their home with her as a trap.


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  2. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be coming back to your posts.

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