Monday, April 27, 2009

Because women act like strippers but don't want to be treated like strippers


It is assumed by women that because men like them, strippers have a lot of power. Because It’s useful for men that women think this, very few of them do anything to dispel this myth.

Because of this perceived access to power women will dress like strippers, prostitutes, escorts, cigarette girls and pole dancers.

And it’s not just young women who fall for this. Older women will expose a pound of flesh given half an excuse (night out with the girls, fancy dress parties) because they assume it gives them instant access to power over men.

Women overestimate the power of their flesh consistently and enormously. If a man looks at a large cleavage he may be thinking “what a large pair”, or he may be thinking, “She’s hot” or he may even be thinking “I’d like to have a go at that.” What he is not thinking, at any point, under any circumstances when a woman has a low cut top on, is “what an excellent pair of breasts, she’s the perfect mother to my children. I’d love to get into her soul and find out what makes her tick.” Or “I must give her half my income forever”

Women don’t know this. They know it intellectually, but they have been so duped into thinking that male sexual attention equals power, that they fantasise as soon as a man ogles them that they can do whatever they want with him. And that rarely means lose him as soon as I am done with him, because like all power hungry creatures as soon as a woman gets a taste of perceived power, she wants more of it.

In romance novels a woman can don the sexiest outfit in the world and the hero not only becomes aroused, but has more respect for her for the efforts she’s gone to. If any other man dared to look at her, he’ll rip out his eyes. He never accuses his woman.


  1. As soon as I got a breast augmentation my stripping income more than tripled what I was making as an elementary school teacher. Men do have a madonna/whore complex, they want their pristine wife to stay at home with their children, but are unable to sexually connect with her.

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