Sunday, April 26, 2009

Because women believe in listening... to them.


Women don’t need to listen, because they know all about the inner psyche and what is going on inside you.

You see, women have done so much more ‘work’ than men in this area. She’s read the books, she’s done the therapy, and she’s been watching Oprah for years. So as soon as a man decides he’ll give talking to her a go – she will be able to tell him what’s wrong with him, before he even completes the first sentence.

You see, all women have been waiting for years, decades, centuries for men to finally admit what is going on inside, and to speak this truth. When a man decides that now is the time to trust the woman with his honesty, in her excitement she will jump in and tell him what to do before he realises what he’s talking about.

Women think it is a waste of time to go too deep into these problems, unless you are willing to do it HONESTLY; in which case the reverse is true, and they will happily devote hours to any problem you have. However, honest is defined and determined by the woman and has nothing to do with what the man may have discovered about himself.

If a man dares open his mouth about an emotional problem, he will find immediately that the woman knows more about it can tell him where it comes from and has three friends whose husbands all went through the same thing. And she thinks this is reassuring.

In romance novels the hero will hesitate to reveal his deeper emotional issues, however when he does finally confess them to his woman, she will listen enthralled, reply with the immediate answer and instil relief in his exhausted psyche.


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