Monday, April 27, 2009

Because women believe you develop spiritually up a ladder

Ladder to sky

Women consider themselves to be deeply spiritual beings.

Even a woman who is an atheist, or one who has masculine intelligence issues, still in their core know that they have a spiritual understanding.

The way women see it, is that we are all on a "journey" of sorts, and that the ultimate goal of this journey is to learn your "life lessons". These life lessons are always based on the core issues of what it means to be human; money, relationships and self esteem. The underlying message is always the same. You, and everything in your day, are desperately important.

However, what may not be obvious at first, is that women grade each person that they come into contact with, by how spiritual they are. No matter what type of spiritual "discipline" a woman adheres to, she has been told at some point it is wrong to judge people, so she has transformed herself into accepting the "different places we are all at on our journey."

The best image for this, is a ladder.

Women see themselves as progressing up a ladder, each life lesson taking them one step closer to.... whatever is at the top of the ladder; and each life lesson taking them one step higher and further away from... everyone else.

Everything is a life lesson that gives a woman an opportunity to progress up her ladder. How she handles losing her job, her husband, or her child are all opportunities for "growth". Also, how you deal with deadlines, traffic and annoying waiters is an opportunity for growth. Even, paper cuts, blisters, burnt coffee and newspaper ink staining the hand are opportunities for growth for a woman. There is no event in her day deemed too insignificant to be connecting her in a meaningful and personal way to the spiritual realms. And the more she reads into these events, the better she is than everyone else.

In romance novels, everything has a spiritual depth to it. People openly talk about where they are "at" on their journey, and how their current circumstance contribute to their ascendancy on the "ladder."


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