Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because women have no sense of fashion


For people who spend so much time in front of the mirror, examining for flaws, seeing them when they aren’t there, and pulling out the smallest hairs on their face to exact a perfect look very few women are capable of actually looking good.

Any woman reading this will instantly assume they are in the category of looking good.

However, women will constantly over pluck their eyebrows, colour their hair the wrong colour, get strange looking fake tans, turn their nails into bird of prey talons and wear sizes too small for them.

Formal attire is the best example of this phenomenon. The woman in her swimming costume on the beach, or in her jeans and tee at a picnic looks best. It’s the woman at the wedding, the ball, the charity do and heaven forbid, in the audience of a televised awards ceremony who look the worst.

When a woman dresses to go out, she poses. She stands in front of the mirror for hours practising how to stand, how to move her face, how to laugh and put all her make up efforts to good use. Then of course, when she goes out, she can’t strike those poses all the time, she has to pull her undies out of her bum and she has to exhale.

This is when all the small hidden disasters start to show. Disasters that would prove unnecessary if she simply wore a dress the correct size, got her underwear fitted properly and stopped trying to dress like a stripper. If you can’t wear stilettos and walk in them, don’t wear them. You will have to walk at some point during the evening.

In romance novels the women don’t have to be perfect because their man loves them anyway and she has respect from all her friends. In other words she has power. However, like Pretty Woman, she gets help from a fairy princess, a makeover artist or a generous shop keeper, who is happy to ‘give her a few pointers.’



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