Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because women need validation


Women need validation for everything they do.


When a woman gets up early in the morning, dresses, dresses her children, gets them organized for school, makes breakfasts and then lunches, and drives the kids to school, she needs to then sit for and hour with a cup of tea and 'rest'. Even though she does this every day and no day ever changes; each and every day she needs some sort of validation for the work she has done.


This is where her girlfriends come in. Every day, she needs to connect with her friends – usually on the phone but in a cafe is better- to talk about how hard their lives are. And the friends are always, always there for them, because women understand certain laws and one of those laws is 'if you validate her right now, she will do it for you tomorrow.'


The biggest complaint that women make, is that they are unappreciated.


And yet, amongst the girlfriends, more work goes into appreciating each other than anything else they will do in their day. Even the women who go to work, will have their best friend on facebook, the mobile, email, or some form of constant contact, so they can run to them if their child / spouse / parent / work colleague / waitress in the cafe / guy on the train does t 'get' them or appreciate them.


And the girlfriend will always validate them. Even if she argues, she will “delve into the problem” to “find out what's really going on” or to help her “learn her lessons”; And she never gets tired – even when the problem is the same every day.


In romance novels, the smallest act is appreciated by her hero warrior. He will go out and slay a hundred daemons in her name, crash through glass, bleed everywhere, break bones and still have time to mediate on her selflessness in making him the perfect omelet for dinner when he didn’t even ask.



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