Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because women 'Mother' their way to the top

Chocolate chip muffin

One of the busiest  people in the workplace, who actually does nothing is the social organiser.

The social organiser is usually a woman and usually too busy to get a lot done during the day because she is √∂rganising the Christmas party, getting the birthday card signed or planning the monthly social BBQ.  However, people feel too mean to complain that they aren't supported because she also brought fresh muffins into work that morning that she baked herself.

Not only that, she gives generous gifts at Christmas, little eggs at Easter and knits booties when anyone or their wife has a baby.

This manipulation is a way to get out of doing the daily drudgery that no one wants to do, but someone has to because that is actually why you are there getting paid. As women have always been the masters of being acknowledged for pointless tasks, they have naturally brought it to the workplace, claiming it is good for morale.

In romance novels the women are too busy getting on with their exciting lives to be bothered with currying favour through these kinds of gifts.  Their generosity is shown naturally, through the day; not as the result of painstakingly thinking what they can do to make everyone like them.


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