Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because women think it's reassuring to tell everyone else your problem


Not their problems mind you – yours.

Women seem to have no trouble at all telling their husbands, children’s and best friends most private secrets to every woman they will run into in their day.

You see, when you tell a woman something (and the more private it is the better) she immediately counts up the people she knows who will be impressed that she received this news from you first. For a woman, to be taken into the confidence of someone is a very precious thing. So precious, she will want everyone to know how much you trust her.

She also thinks that with such intimate and personal problems, you need a lot of input. She will find her way to all the people in the office, her friends she is able to grab hold of and pretty much all the people in between to ask them advice about how you are going to handle your situation.

How many times you asked her not to tell anyone is irrelevant. In fact if you did ask her not to tell anyone, she will simply tell that to all the folk she tells as well, making sure it never gets back to you, because after all – you told her not to tell anyone.

In romance novels, if a woman blurts out a private secret to all around her, the subject of the secret understands that she is only trying to help, and will respect her for her efforts. Also, in romance novels unlike in life, the people she tells will not lose respect for the subject or feel superior because they don’t have the same problem.


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