Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Because women want running a household to carry the same status as running a company.


As we have already seen, it is very important to women to feel appreciated. This is especially true if they have done very little with their day. In fact it is directly proportionate to how little they have done with their day.

For women, running the household is seen as the same as running a large corporation. If the man in their life gets home from work, he must, without fail, listen to the endless succession of anecdotes about her day, from what the greengrocer said when he checked out her behind, to how she feels about the woman that opened the door onto her car in the parking lot of the shopping centre.

Even if the man started his day with an exclusive interview with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, moved on to a massive corporate takeover of Apple Computers, out sprinted Lance Armstrong on his bike in his lunch break and then spent the afternoon in a lab with scientists who are about to cure cancer, he is not to mention any of these events until he has heard about the look in the dogs eye when she put its food into the bowl.

If he makes the error of bringing any kind of attention to his day before she has had a chance to talk about hers, he will be inundated with cries of “you don’t think my day is valuable” which will inevitably lead to “you don’t think I’m valuable.”

Of course, the man does not think her day is valuable, and neither does she. However, each must pretend that running the house is the same as running a large company, because the pain that telling the truth in a moment like that will simply not be endurable.

In Romance novels The hero will open the door and stagger in, covered in blood, his partially severed arm being held on by the torn remnants of his shirt, his bulging muscles glazed in sweat from the battle with vanquished enemies and the first thing he will say is “My god! You’ve cleaned the house. You’re a saint! I don’t deserve you.”



  1. Love this blog I'll be back when I have more time.

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