Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To get credit for doing nothing.


To a woman, the highest compliment you can pay her is to tell her she is different from any other woman you’ve ever met... and you’re not sure why.

A woman wants to be recognised as special. ‘Special’ is not the same as accomplished, clever, beautiful or talented. Even if she is all those things, when you call her ‘special’ you pay her the highest compliment.

When I say ‘special’ I mean she is unlike any other woman on the face of the earth, and you’re not sure why that is, but it will never be challenged, or questioned and above all beaten by any other woman you know, have met in the past or will meet in the future.

No work colleague will ever have ‘that special something’, no best mates wife will ever have ‘something about her you can’t quite put your finger on’, and certainly no stripper in the nightclubs will ever come close to having that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

No matter how accomplished a woman is, when you compliment the thing about her that she had nothing to do with creating that separates her from all other women, she is at her most satisfied. What you are really saying is, without making any effort at all, you rise above all other women.

This is very important to a woman, because if you compliment her on something she has worked to achieve, she now has to watch her back for the woman coming up behind who can do it better, faster, smarter or harder.

If you love her for something ‘special’ that ‘you can’t quite put your finger on’ no woman will ever be able to challenge her position in your heart.

It is even better if this indefinable something affects you so that you lose intellectual control and fall at her feet despite your best efforts to hold yourself back.

This happens in romance novels.

The woman’s blood will be of a special type that affects the sexiest vampire in the world in a way no other woman’s blood can, to the point where he doesn’t even notice other women.

The heroine will be the hero’s beloved wife in a past life, and they will be drawn together once again, affecting him so deeply that he feels he has his wife back again, as well as this beautiful fresh new woman.

Her name / lineage will be a special combination of words / people that will free him from a curse he’s lived under forever.

In this way, the woman gets to be of the deepest most profound effect on the man, beyond his ability to leave her, and beyond her need to actually do anything to create it.



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