Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beacuse women sell out to men

business man and woman shaking hands over briefcas

Women sell out. And I mean they sell out everything. They sell out friends, family, career, ideals, perspectives, and even their own children, for the approbation of men.

Sometimes, when women get together, they fantasise about how things would be if all the women banded together to make something happen. Because women have the numbers (China is trying to address this imbalance, but they’re not there yet) they know that using those numbers to their best advantage in a democracy will get things changed.

But there is one powerful element they are up against; one foe so sinister that they will out think they’re every move; One enemy of female emancipation so potent that it can find the deepest weakness in a group of women and exploit it – other women.

Because men have power, women like to flatter men – in many and varied ways – in order to take power from them. This is the only way in the past that women have successfully taken power for themselves, but it only works on an individual basis. Typically bound by desperate short sightedness and a general ‘dumbness’, women will not give this power up.

No matter how tantalising the promise of opportunity and power on the other side, women will not stop the pandering that leads to opportunity. And they will sacrifice mercilessly. They will stop perusing scientific research if men don’t like their findings. They will dump a treasured long term girlfriend if the ten day old boyfriend tells them to. They will even leave their children virtually unsupervised in the playground, if a cute guy is chatting them up in the corner.

In romance novels the women are of much higher charter. They only care about the good opinion of their own man, not all men, and they stand and fight for themselves and their integrity all the time. Intelligent women see this and they love to dip into a fantasy world where women are like this all the time.


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