Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beacuse women think Feng Shui will get everything else done

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Why do you think women love Feng Shui so much? Not REAL feng Shui, where you get in touch with a deep Chinese spirituality that requires a detailed map that took a mystic years and years to produce properly.

We're talking here about Feng Shui that is practised and taught by western women and always involves a trip to Ikea to 'clean out the clutter'.

No matter what problem a woman has in her life, she believes it can be 'cured' by cleaning out clutter. Kids are antsy - clean their rooms. You feel worthless and as though you contribute nothing - clear out your space. You have cancer - go on a cleansing diet. Nothing in the world is any match for a womans' belief in the power of 'dirt'. Dirt in its many forms can ruin your life and it has to be eradicated.

Dirt has all sorts of symbolic power for women that is not recognised. Women think it can prevent you from having good ideas, from you making money, and from you finding a true lover - hence the desire to clean out these parts of your 'house' FIRST, before you try to actually do something about any of these things. This statement seems very rational to a woman; "How can I expect money to flow to me if I keep my bills in the top right hand corner of my house?" or "I'll never have peacful sleep if I keep old family photos in a box under my bed."

We have seen here before that women have cleanliness OCD. This extends through to moments when they require some sort of activity. If a woman actually has to get something done - especially if that task is a little difficult - she will clear her space, get rid of the last project, or just complete all the housework that could ever possibly be needed before she does it. this way she gets to have a total sense of control and satisfaction around the project without actually having gotten anything done. For a woman, this task IS half completed.

In romance novels the women get lots of things done, are accomplished and successful - regardless of if they are stay home mothers, or Nobel winning scientists. Doors are not closed and neurosis does not have to step in. Regardless of the quality of the writing, if a woman wrote the novel, the main female has ways of producing consequences to her actions that get her results;  Without having to clean out under the bed first.

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