Friday, May 08, 2009

Because men are so nervous

Scared nerd hiding behind a desk

Men are very nervous creatures.

They hide this in many ways, but the biggest way they try to hide things is by acting in groups. When men hang around in groups of men, they feel safe.

Men are nervous about many things. Some of these things are on the surface (they’re nervous about not being seen as a ‘real man’ – this is a common endless source of nervous tension for a man) and other issues that make them nervous are buried deep (they are very nervous that they will die eventually). However, as a general rule, they are nervous all the time.

When a man hangs around in groups with other men who are doing the same thing as he is (drinking beer or watching the game) they feels safe. However, nothing makes them feel safer than doing something scary with a bunch of men (bungee jumping, sky diving). Every man will try some ‘dangerous’ activity in his life ‘with his mates’ in order to try to keep his nerves at bay.

In romance novels the men are the same. Male vulnerability is something that women love that they are deeply attracted to.

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