Monday, May 04, 2009

Because men are studs

Man in black sunglasses

Part of male mythology states that men have a ‘need’ to sleep with many different women.

It is thought that the reason this mythology was created was mainly because men are so insecure, and this has been set as a benchmark for virility, therefore men like to claim high potency because they hide their insecurities behind it.

However, another reason behind it is that men are so bad in bed.

It is true (as seen in earlier posts) that women don’t help the situation by remaining mute and letting the man get away with these inadequacies, but for the most part, men are so bad in bed, they have a deep fear of ‘returning to the scene of the crime.’

The first time with a man, inevitably, is terrible for a woman. Ever the optimist, she is happy to keep going back for more, until her expectations become so low it no longer matters that she isn’t being satisfied in bed.

Because men expect women to be doing all the work of foreplay, arousal, and desire (all aimed at them and THEIR stimulation of course) they make little or no effort at ensuring the woman is satisfied. This plays on their mind after, and their impression of themselves as a virile genius starts to get a little shaken.

Rather than go back and conquer that mountain, the man will search for a smaller hill. He will look toward the sexually ‘easy’ girl, hoping that in her he will find an instant orgasm without him having to do much.

In romance novels and in erotic romance particularly, the men are keen to satisfy the woman first. This is so new and exciting to a woman that the most intelligent woman will read it over and over, just for the high on the shock value.

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