Saturday, May 23, 2009

Because men are terrified of being gay

Gay pride flag

Men are more scared of being approached by a man than almost anything else. Several reasons have been put forward for; but the reason that we know more and more to be true, is that men are afraid they’ll give in.

That’s it. That is what is at the bottom of all this carry-on about not being gay. Secretly, men know that if the circumstances were right, they’d probably give it a go. They are terrified of anyone finding this out about them.

What they don’t realise is, we all know.

The more homophobic a man is, the more likely to turn to another man given the right circumstances. It comes back to that old Shakespeare quote – me thinks the lady doth protest too much. The louder the squeal, the less convincing the argument.

The best example of the biggest protest against being gay ever, is Hugh Heffner. I have never, EVER seen a man more determined to convince the world he is not gay. But really, what else could you say about a man that turns normal, sexy looking women into Barbie? There is only ONE kind of man that I know of who is collecting real life Barbie dolls.

This still doesn’t really address why men are terrified of being called gay. One of the best explanations I have ever heard is that men will try to kill anyone who treats them like a woman – because every man knows deep down how badly he treats women. To be relegated to the status of ‘woman’ in a connection is the deepest insult.

In romance novels, men are rarely, if ever, challenged by bi sexuality or homosexuality. The reason for this is simple. It is an enormous turn on for women to think of two men together, and so many erotic romance novels address this by giving the hero a homo moment. And the more intelligent the woman, the more she loves it!

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