Monday, May 18, 2009

Because men can't take what they dish out

depressed businessman

Men get a great thrill out of picking on the weaker one. They justify this  socially unacceptable behaviour in many different ways from calling it a ‘natural’ drive that exists as a survival instinct, through to claiming it is an urge put there by god so man can defeat himself and show god he is worthy of forgiveness.

Although almost all men will tell you it is wrong to pick on those weaker, almost all of them do it or have done it at some time, and all men will tell you their version of the ‘nature of man’ story to give themselves a backhanded compliment thinly disguised as a reprimand.

That is, of course, as long as the offense has not been against them.

Men emotionally bruise so easily, that women feel sorry for them most of the time and feel that they have to tip toe around their feelings. A man will develop the persona of a kicked puppy as soon as his wife, girlfriend, mother or any other nurturing female deliver an emotional blow. Of course there is never any justification for this behaviour. A woman who is lashing out emotionally at a man is a deranged bitch.

Men have always claimed that only they are allowed to be tough and they emphasise this by caving so drastically when they become emotionally weakened that any enemy, male or female, feels too sorry for them to continue any form of assault. This strategy results in the offender making a wide eyed apology to the man, who in turn gets to mumble something that does not really resemble forgiveness and then allows him to go to the ‘other room’ for some alone time. This also gives him permission to bring up the offence regularly in the future; to be sure the person who committed it is never allowed to forget.

The reciprocal never, ever applies. When he does this to anyone, they are a loser if they are offended and mentally insane if they ever bring up the offence in the future.

In romance novels the men don’t act like wounded puppies when they are picked on. They are usually true alpha males who don’t’ fall over and cry if someone bigger picks on them – or someone weaker or smaller. Women find this ability to cope with all that life throws at you very endearing.

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