Sunday, May 03, 2009

Because men get swept away

Man driving car at night, speeding fast.

We’ve seen in earlier posts that men are very emotional creatures. This heightened emotional sensitivity also creates a situation where they get easily swept away.

This is part of what happens when a man watches football. He is not a spectator; he is one of the players, in there with them, feeling every tackle, experiencing every umpire’s decision. If he is watching it with his friends, they are all his teammates, and they bond under the assumption that they are actually part of the game.

This is true for any situation where a man is a spectator. Place him in close proximity to whatever he admires and he will instantly insert himself into whatever he is watching. He isn’t watching the rock concert, he is the lead guitarist, and all he needs is an opportunity to show it. He isn’t watching the car races; he is in the front seat and experiencing every bend in the road and every jolt of the gears.

Unfortunately, this will continue on for quite a few hours. It takes a while for a man to realise that he is back in reality, and that he has responsibilities that he considers trivial and mundane. Because of this, he will speed home after a car race, play a game of football or workout after the big game, practise his guitar playing for two hours into the dead of the night, thinking it’s just him and the band.

In romance novels, the world is documented the way it really is. Men are emotional, irrational creatures, driven by moods but this is accepted and recognised and understood. Women love them for it and men love it about themselves. For intelligent women, this is a wonderful breath of fresh air.


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