Thursday, May 14, 2009

Because men misinterpret flattery

A young male looking at himself in a mirror

In the early days of a relationship when a woman flatters her man and gives him complete and total fidelity (physical, emotional and intellectual) the man thinks she is besotted with him.

Looking in the mirror, it occurs to him that this is natural and completely understandable.

It never occurs to  a man that she is thinking "He'll treat me this way if I treat him this way". Instead he believes his innate charm has driven her mad with love, lust and desire.

He starts to look around, thinking it would be unfair of him to withhold himself from all the other women.

He never works out that the woman he is in a relationship with is actually telling him how she likes to be treated. He thinks that it is completely natural that all the women he meets want to offer themselves and their lives to him.

In romance novels the men never assume a woman's flatter (in all its forms - flirting, smiles across a room, sex and support / encouragement) has anything to do with his greatness. Instead he sees the real message the woman is trying to pass on and reciprocates in kind.

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