Monday, May 11, 2009

Because men think no one understands them

Confused Mind. The labyrinth inside the head.

It’s very important to a man that he is misunderstood. It goes to something we discussed earlier; about all men thinking they are geniuses. It’s the same irrationality at work, when they are convinced no one understands them.

To a man, the reason no one understands him (besides the fact that the thinks he is a genius and no one CAN understand him) is because of the complex way that his mind works. He likes to smile wistfully as women and friends try to make him out, but when they give up he exhales meaningfully, crosses one leg over the other and sits back with his arms folded across his chest. Again, no one has been able to ‘make him out’.

A man will go to great lengths to prove that he is complicated and difficult to get to know. Not the least of which is he will never talk about his feelings. To a man, not only will doing this make him appear ‘girly’ but it will also reveal what he secretly fears the world finding out; That there isn’t actually anything in there to work out.

Of course, if someone (usually a wife or girlfriend) goes actually work them out, and starts to play to their personalities, a man will be deeply shocked. It will horrify him to think someone got under his radar, and he will do everything in hi power (read – lie) to make it alright and to convince the person observing him, that they were struggling down the wrong path all along.

In romance novels, men aren’t afraid of their feelings and they aren’t insecure about being ‘discovered’. They understand that to reveal is to begin the journey, and that everyone has a great deal inside of them that will take years to discover properly.

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