Saturday, May 30, 2009

Because men want simple answers to complex problems


Just as women want to overcomplicate everything in order to justify their ‘worry’ about it, men like to oversimplify everything in order to justify their lack of ‘worry’ about it.

They will also argue that this makes them the more rational, more intellect focused of the sexes, which of course as we have already seen, is not the case. The purpose behind the oversimplification of complex issues is agenda driven, rather than a result of a superior intellect.

It is against man’s interests to delve too deeply into most problems exactly because then they WOULD have to think hard about something. They prefer the easy answer – and they prefer the easy answer that supports their agenda thanks very much. Delve too deep and you come up with ugly things like logic, facts and evidence, and none of this suits their claims.

This methodology applies to most aspects of a man’s stereotypical day. Why does he need to propel a business forward before it’s ready to do so? His answer – because men hunt. Why does he get distracted by a pretty girl on a street corner when he’s stuck in traffic and just had a huge fight with his girlfriend that morning? His answer – because men hunt. Why does he eat a huge bacon and egg roll for breakfast despite the doctor telling him he is headed for heart disease? His answer – because men hunt. Why does he have a feeling of nervous unease all through the day that he fills with sports, and mates and alcohol? His answer – because men hunt. Why does his mind accidently wander to subjects like god, love and the nature of belief at the strangest times in the day? His answer – because men hunt.

Men don’t want the status quo to be upset, despite the growing evidence, the overwhelming voices in his head and the endless supply of rationality that supplies him with accuracy and fact. He wants to cling to outdated notions of belief so that he doesn’t have to think too hard, see himself clearly and ultimately, take responsibility for who he is.

In romance novels a man’s desire to believe himself ‘alpha’ according to stereotype magically does not interfere with his ability to cope with advancing science. A man is able to embrace science when it has been presented to him – even when it conflicts with belief, and still retain his strength, dignity and inner power. Intelligent women love this!



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