Saturday, May 23, 2009

Because women are always on a diet

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Okay – it’s the post we had to have.

Women do not know how eternally irritating it is that they are constantly on a diet.

Or is that really the case?

Women DO know how irritating it is that they are always on a diet. But like the two year old who clamps their mouth shut, and turns their head on your oncoming ‘aeroplane’ overladen with mush, women refuse food as a grasp at power.

It is assumed by psychologists that children get to a certain age and begin to refuse certain foods; because it is one of the few areas they can control their parents. They will change their favourites at the drop of a hat just to confuse and confound their parents.

Even though women are at the mercy of the latest diet fad, even though the bulk of women are trying to please their families at meal time, even though all doctors say it is terribly unhealthy to change diets all the time; they still think when dieting that they are controlling themselves. And this is the key to why women won’t give up on the diet thing.

Of course, they get to control others as well. They get to sit in front of the family like a martyr when they’ve made pot roast for everyone else with their dry rice cake; plus they get to go to their girlfriends house, see an enormous dinner that she’d spent hours preparing and say “gee, I don’t eat that anymore – didn’t I tell you?” and proceed to pull the rice cake out of their bag.

In romance novels women have access to control in their lives. They are often in the career of their choice (and doing very well thanks very much) or they have a strong and determined spirit. The men they love adore them back and encourage their freedoms, so they never feel that they have to assert themselves with petty rebellions such as refusing food.


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