Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Because women are 'going to...'

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 With the amount of nagging that most women get up to (more on this later) you would think that it was their husbands / boyfriends or children who don’t fulfil on their promises. However, it is the women who are ‘going to’ get something done, more than any other societal group.

Women are new to the active scene. Rich women have been at home (trapped or languishing) and poor women have been at home (working) for so many years that they have just started to develop their natural skills at commitment, achievement and forward motion.

This means that at this point in their history, you will find women promising they are going to do ‘things’ that never really happen. They are going to learn a new language, go to uni or tech to get a new skill, or just beat whoever is achieving around them at whatever it is they are doing.

It’s really important to women to create their goals list. They like to do it at the beginning of the year, but they will actually be happy to do it at various points throughout the year. They will usually do it when they feel down about not having achieved much lately. The goals list will help them feel that they will be achieving something without them actually having to do anything.

Goal’s list will have anything from; “buy a pint of milk on the way home” to “get skinny” or “learn French” written on it. Until women actually learn how to get these things done, the list itself is a great source of comfort for women, because they think at least if it hasn’t happened to day, it is going to in the future.

In romance novels, women have their to do lists still, but many exciting things happen to them so that they don’t need to create false lists. Their lists genuinely are about the smaller tasks they have to get done during the day. The larger stuff is happening in real life and dosen’t need to be created in a dream world.

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