Sunday, May 24, 2009

Because women don't want to take advantage of opportunity

the easy way or the hard way

Women are filled with razor sharp criticism when it comes to others, but they are remarkably incapable of applying that same criticism to themselves.

They prefer excuses when it comes to ‘why’ their own life is a mess / dreams aren’t fulfilled / opportunities haven’t been taken. There are a thousand reasons, all conspiring against a woman to do something other than complain about what others are doing.

Women complained for centuries that legislation withheld possibility from them. Now that this legislation has all but been diligently removed, they either still complain, or get very ‘busy’ with the business of nurturing others.

They can’t take advantage of the opportunities to contribute to a whole society that have been placed in their lap.

A woman would much rather complain that she would have LOVED to take that opportunity that came her way, but she had to get the kids breakfasts, she had to make the beds and get the washing on the line, she had to feed the pets and then the bus was late, so she has missed her chance.

We used to think it was fear, and in some societies, this can still be seen to be the case, but in our western society, there is really no excuse for a woman not getting out there and contributing to something larger than herself.

In romance novels, women are busy with life and contribution because the women who write them are busy with life and contribution. Therefore, they write exciting characters who are trying to make a difference. Their men are never threatened by their attempts to take opportunity, and what results is exciting relationships that intelligent women dream of creating in their own lives.



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