Sunday, May 10, 2009

Because women need new 'things' to make them feel special

appreciation gift

As we have already seen, it is very important for a woman to feel special. This is particularly important if she isn’t special. In fact, the less special a woman is, the greater her desire to be recognised as special.

Women know that they are often seen as objects. This is annoying to a woman, but the best way to calm her down is to give her total control over another object. This helps pacify her, calm her down and helps her to recognise herself as human; even if it is a human with few accomplishments.

The best way to offer a gift to a woman to help her feel less like an object, is to buy her a present. Now, the present must be material. This doesn’t work quite as well if it is a deed well done. That will get you a long way with a woman, but it won’t last a long time. The object as gift notion will always work a lot better.

The best ‘things’ to give a woman should be tokens of your high esteem. Flowers are excellent, chocolates not so great, perfume is excellent, and clothes are not so great. (Unless you are able to get her a gift voucher) under no circumstances – even if you are already married – give any gift in a small velvet covered jewellery ring box. Even though you may be giving a beautiful, and expensive thing, it will cause so much trouble when she finds out it is not a ring that it will undo all the good work, and actually serve to make her feel more like an object than ever before.

In romance novels, men walk down the street and feel suddenly inspired to buy their love a piece of jewellery for making such a lovely breakfast for them three days in a row, or for looking after their kids so well, or for just being ‘her’. This excites all women and keeps them coming back to the romance novel for more.

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