Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Because women still use childish flirting techniques

girl with white lilies

Little girls are taught how to flirt. It’s something they do from a very early age. If you believe (or at least entertain) the ideas of Freud, you’ll know that she has been flirting with her father (and some psychotherapists think her mother) from the ‘mirror stage’.

However, it is marginally forgivable that a teenager will still employ these childish tactics to get what she wants. But an adult female moving into her twenties really needs to be learning to rely on other achievements to get ahead in life. It’s a natural selection thing. She needs to come up with some new devices in order to establish herself in the world.

If this childish flirting is unacceptable in your twenties, it is unforgiveable in your thirties and simply obscene at any older age.

However, women don’t seem to work out that this is a childish habit. They insist on using the same flirting techniques they used when they were infants. You will often see this in women as old as sixty. They will batt their eyes, cock their head and smile with the exact same look that worked so well on their daddies, when he was ... well ... alive.

It’s one thing to use a flirting technique as a method of seduction, but unless you are actually contemplating seeing the man in a romantic capacity, it is inappropriate to use the same flirting techniques you used on your father. These techniques should never be seen in places such as social occasions, used on other women’s partners or – and this is the most unforgivable of all – in the workplace.

In romance novels, women have learnt that the subtleties of flirting belong between their partner and themselves. They want to flirt with their lover as a seduction or part of foreplay toward sex. It is not used a weapon against men to make a woman easier in social situations.



  1. how do you explain sarah palin?

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