Monday, May 04, 2009

Because women won't take responsibility for their love life

sexual harassment


Women think men don’t know how to make love.

This is a non negotiable point. Women think their job is to perform for the man in bed, and they think the compromise is that they don’t get what they really want. This is what goes on in a woman’s mind.

However, it never occurs to women that they need to take responsibility for this. They never try to tell their man what they want in bed, and they will never break up with a man because he wasn’t good in bed. Women suffer in a ‘silence’ that will manifest itself very loudly in other ways.

Women don’t tell their men what they want; They don’t grab him, kiss him and tell him exactly what they want him to do with them. They prefer to be ‘taken’, but taken in a way that fulfils their fantasies, AND satisfies their body’s needs. And they expect a man to magically know this.

Women will use male sensitivity and emotionality as the excuse, but really its a lack of courage. If she finds a way to communicate her message, and do it well, seductively, her partner will happily comply. She needs to take control, and educate him. Stop being so shy, and stop blaming him for knowing what she wants without being told.

In romance novels, men always magically know what to do. If their woman stops them and tells them she wants something else, they respond and get harder.

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