Saturday, June 13, 2009

Because men fail to identify and address personal weakness

Statue of Socrates in Athens

Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates sought genuine knowledge over defeating an opponent; so of course, this is seen as a profound sign of genius by men.

However, he has a point.

As we’ve seen before, men will go to great lengths to justify their bad habits. And no thought process or idealism is above this drive. Men will use science, religion and physical strength in the determined drive to preserve their right to do deeply stupid things.

When, actually, all they have to do is live an examined life. Take a look in the mirror, without scanning for the muscle beneath the fat. See what is really being presented back to you. Think. Think about stimulus response and being able to interrupt patterns that have built up over a lifetime that you learnt from your father.

Contrary to the worship of Socrates, this isn’t actually rocket science, and it is something that men demand (unflinchingly and patronizingly) from women and other men. However, they are unwilling to do it for themselves.

Why? Is it confusion between being mucho and being a man? Is it a genetic thing – a lack of intelligence? Perhaps it is none of the above. Perhaps it is just plain laziness.

In romance novels men naturally introspect because they are written by women and it is unfathomable to a woman that the self isn’t scrutinised for bad behaviour every day. The men are reflective, examining the consequences to their behaviours and honest about what they want. They never follow through on whims, being devoted to getting the things they want in their life.


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