Saturday, June 27, 2009

Because men fall in love at the drop of a hat

attractive young man giving a love gift

You're only as old as the woman you feel. - Groucho Marx

The stereotype is that women fall in love.

However, the reverse is true. Women will COMIT at the dop of  a hat, but they usually havn’t completely given themselves – which men find out along the way.

They find this out, long after they have given themselves 100%.

Men will take any emotion they are having in their day, and convert it to lust. The secretary has big tits – they want to marry her. They have no money and the rumour is the girl in accounting does have money and knows what to do with it – they want to marry her. They started a band last night in the garage and a friend of a friend at work knows someone who works at Sony – they want to marry her.

In fact any woman who is going to rescue them, is fall-in-love material.

Not only will a man fall in love with the woman who rescues him from whatever he is feeling at any given time, but he wants to MARRY her. He wants complete and utter ownership. Men don’t just get silly little crushes and move on. They are there for complete possession.

The truth of the matter is, men are extremely easy to marry – if you catch them at the right time. Remember, after all, marriage was invented by men, for men, so it makes perfect sense that every many wants it.

In romance novels every man wants marriage, though they don’t fall in love at the drop of a hat. Usually they are men who have rejected many women prior to meeting the heroine who they DO fall for at the drop of a hat. Their falling is a rarefied experience that they weren’t expecting at all.



  1. Not my experience. Men get married out of guilt. She gives sex and works the guilt with those special, meaningful talks until he gives in to marriage. Then the sex stopps but the guilt does not. "Honey Do"s with out end.

  2. Also not my experience. Men my age (26) don't want to get married! I'm alright looking, still skinny enough to shop where the anorexics do, and make damn good money for my age. But no one wants to settle down. They just want to live together. I'd rather be alone than know I could get abandoned (as could any children we have!) at any second with no warning and no recourse.

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  4. I agree and disagree. Men think I want to marry her, but don't want to actually get married. We love easily but are afraid to sacrifice the future for the now. It is not that we want someone better. We are quite happy with what we have, but we are naturally afraid of change. And we view marriage as the ultimate change. Marriage leads to kids, kids lead to adulthood and that leads to boring lives where we play golf all weekend to escape our families. Not that any of this is true, but it is what goes through our minds. We marry because we do love you, and we believe if we don't marry you, you might leave us.

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  6. [...] Men have tried to justify this behaviour with the “old bull / young bull” theory. You know the one. That the old bull has his herd of cows, and the younger bull wants in, so the too have to fight it out to see who is going to get the herd. This is an interesting theory except for two glaring problems. The young boy never wants to be a rival to his dad and is attacked into it by his mid teens when he has been so harassed he is simply lashing out. And no man, (and statistically extremely few in history) have ever owned a “herd” of women. [...]