Thursday, June 11, 2009

Because men like to pee in public


The burley worm catches the bird

For some reason that women don’t understand, men love to pee in public.

This is something we can’t quite get our heads around. A woman would have to be under very extreme stress or circumstances or drunken state to be driven to peeing in public. However, men seem to relish the opportunity as if they’ve been waiting for it to come up.

What is also interesting about this strange phenomena is, it’s definitely not about showing off the size of the thing. Where penis envy does not exist in women, it definitely does in men. Men are very preoccupied with the size of their ‘manhood’. Why, in this case are so many ‘little boys’ willing to reveal themselves?

And when they pee, they like to do it at a tree, shrub or some sort of herb life, the logic being, that living thing will be grateful for their ‘water’. However, when they do this (and I know this having seen so many men do it) they try to cover the entire plant in their pee, not just the roots. They want to water the leaves, stems and stump of the plant, even though we all know this is not where it drinks from.

Perhaps it has nothing to do with feeding the plant?

The best explanation I can think of for why men do this is this. They have such a strong desire to see large groups of women peeing in public; they just assume it is as exciting for women to see men peeing in public. This logic seems to be, if they break the seal, the girls will join in as well. I think at the base of the peeing in public is the desire to be seen to be doing it in public and the hope that others will then join in doing it in public. Just one big love in at the end.

In romance novels if anyone is peeing in front of anyone else, it is either at a urinal or ‘between a husband and wife who love each other very much’. All kind of interesting things go on in romance novels, but they rarely include the need to involve complete strangers off the street who had no choice but to bear witness.


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