Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Because men love puritanical pornography


Don’t put Descartes before the whores

There are many, many reasons why women don’t like pornography, but one of the least discussed reasons is because mainstream pornography is so puritanical.

As we’ve seen in previous posts, cultural stereotype is so inaccurate, and so out of line with the facts of situations that one can almost argue that you need to seek the opposite of what a stereotype claims in order to find the truth. And nowhere is this more accurate than in the bedroom.

It is often argued that pornography is a testament to free thinking about sex. However the exact opposite is true. Pornography never actually portrays sex – at least not the sex that real human beings engage in. It instead reinforces puritanical stereotypes to help the viewer feel safe, heterosexual and completely normal. That is the primary goal of mainstream pornography. There is nothing illicit or free about it. Everyone portrayed follows stereotypes and it is sexy mostly to people who still get off on doing what mummy and daddy told them not to do, and what makes them feel ‘naughty’.

People who have not developed their sexuality beyond the mental age of sixteen.

However, some men, and almost all women, have developed their sexual maturity beyond that age, and have no desire to mask sex. They want to engage in something edgy, something that challenges them and carries the excitement and boundary pushing thrill of all mentally stimulating acts.  Sexuality that engages the mind, not feeds it cotton candy and soda pop. If the definition of what it is to be human is 'I think therefore I am' then surely thinking is an essential ingrediant of human behaviour.

In romance novels, and particularly in erotic romance novels the boundaries of what goes on between lovers is always pushed far beyond the limits of mainstream pornography. The women in romance novels do not confuse their morality and their sexuality – there is no problem with pent up guilt and other restricting prohibitions.  Different creatures, species, numbers of human adults, scenarios, planets, places in time, dimensions, and realities are used to stimulate and arouse female readers, so that the brain is used in the sexual high as well as the genitals. How do you know what might turn you on if you never get exposed to it?


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