Monday, June 15, 2009

Because men think its funny to pick on others


Opposites attack

For some reason that no one really knows (though god knows many have tried to explain with deeply spurious “reasoning”) men like to pick on other people.

And it is not just the weaker ones that men like to pick on, though traditionally if a superior male or female is to be attacked they will usually wait for a very public error to pounce, so that they can ridicule in numbers.  Men like to reinforce their ‘masculinity’ by attacking others.

It starts around the age of thirteen, but you will see a boy beginning his struggle with it at around the age of ten. Every male - and the honest parent will admit this – sees the young boy having to go through the dilemma of knowing that he has to treat others with cruelty. He will soon learn however that if he doesn’t join the ranks of the petty attackers, he stands the risk of being a victim and no one – not even women – like to be labelled a victim.

It’s not so much the social cruelty. Women will be as mean as any man. It’s the laugh they get out of it. They laugh when they see someone humiliated, ridiculed or embarrassed in some way.

In fact the only time it is unacceptable is when the laughter is aimed at them.

Like all bullies, it is definitely NOT funny when it is directed at him. And the crueller the male, the meaner he has taught himself to be, the more adamant he is that he doesn’t  deserve to be treated this way.

In romance novels the only men that laugh at the misfortunes of others are the criminals, the losers or the ones who never get women. Men don’t have to be nice (I mean, who REALLY likes ‘nice’ people anyway) but they do have to find other ways of getting their kicks other than public humiliation of others. This is no trouble for the mend of romance novels, who never can be bothered with that kind of behaviour anyway. And they are Very well rewarded for their strength by the woman who love them, and love them  and love them.



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