Monday, June 01, 2009

Because men think single men get more sex

chick on hand

A bird and her bush are worth two of your hands.

Men seen to think that single men get more sex than married men. There is endless supply of evidence against this; every kind of statistical, clinical and undercover survey, research and enquiry has been made and the results are always the same. A person in a relationship gets more sex than a person outside of a relationship.

Men claim they don’t need emotional ties in order to have sex with a woman. They claim that they can do it with a woman under any circumstance and they only need to be mildly attracted to her.

Unless, of course, they are married to her. In that case, if pop culture is to be believed, men have very little desire and almost no attraction.

Why? It can’t be because they see her too much, because they’d bonk a woman at work. It can’t be because they’ve done it with her before, because they still want all their ex girlfriends. Maybe they just want to punish her? Withhold sex from the woman they DO have emotional baggage around?

Basically, it’s because none of the above is true. Married couples and couples in relationships ARE having sex, and for the most part they are having it often. At least far more often than single people are having it.

In romance novels, there is plenty of sex in relationships and it is assumed that marriage means the start of a life of wild sex. Women love the idea that the marriage signals the beginning of a rich exciting sex life, and that is another reason why intelligent women read romance novels.


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