Friday, June 12, 2009

Because men think they need the upper hand all the time

bad guy

Time wounds all heels

Men need to have the upper hand. It’s a paranoia thing. It’s never about the war, it’s about the battle. Of course the issue in the battle is self defence and the issue in the war is strategy. Men are more about self defence than they are about strategy.

Self defence from what?

What are they so afraid of?

Growth, understanding, vulnerability? Or is it simply old age? Is acting like a child a way to stave off death?

Underneath it all, at the end of the day, are men just afraid of death?

Possibly. Probably. Most likely. At any rate there is nothing to be gained from winning the battle. And yet – men have definitely had the upper hand all along. After all, if you keep winning each battle, who care if you are losing the war, as long as the war is never actually won?

The trick here is to keep the war going, for as long as possible, making sure you win every battle. Death will finally deliver its shattering blow, but if you’re lucky, you can keep winning battles all the way, and never really know you lost.

In romance novels men are not afraid of death, and that frees them from the need to win every battle. They are not actually at war (unless of course it’s an actual war that determines their freedom) and that means they get to enjoy every second of their life.


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