Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because men think women don't date nice guys


No more Mr nice guy!

Men think women don’t date nice men.

You will hear them say this over and over – it is always the nice guys who say it – and they will say it in a social situation with a lot of women around, as if they were going to change the world and the way women think – one by one.

When a man says women don’t date nice guys, it usually means one of two things.

It means he’s tried it as a tactic and it didn’t get him laid.

He went out of a date, and he didn’t try to touch her tits in the car. He booked the restaurant and walked her to it. He held his tongue when the idiot waitress did that stupid thing. He listened to her long boring story about the trouble she has with her mother. He gave her a couple of hours of excellent advice, for free, that she’d pay a fortune for if she went to a therapist. He drove her home. And she didn’t even kiss him or invite him up to her apartment. In other words, being nice didn’t get him any better than screaming ‘show us your tits’ did that night in the bar with his mates. He knows where he’d rather be.

The other of the two things a man means when he says women don’t date nice guys, is that he’s a nice guy, and no supermodels want to date him.

 He’s not interested in the cute plump waitress that’s giving him the eye. He’s not keen on the sweet little temp at work who offered him her candy bar with a smile. No, he’s angry that he can’t get the eye of the airline stewardess who lives in his building when she comes home between shifts.

What they actually mean is ULTRA HOT women aren’t going for him even though he’s nice.

Of course they do, it’s just that being nice doesn’t allow you to leap social levels as if you were superman. Women do like you – it’s just that they’re women in your LEAGUE.

No matter what, men seem to think they need to be rewarded beyond the ordinary, for being nice. As if they went to some sort of trouble, or they made this huge effort that needs to be recognised.

In romance novels the heroes are always, always nice – eventually. Women need men who respect them, care for them and give to them when they are in need. Just as they do the same for their men. The men are cool, mucho, wild, and very badly behaved, but when it comes to their one true love, they are always, without exception, nice to her.



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