Friday, June 12, 2009

Because a woman rescued means the woman is yours

broken car

A Penny saved is a Penny earned.

Take my advice. You don’t want to ‘help women out’ too often. It is true that the man who stops in the rain at the car by the road with the flat tyre and a blonde, does know it is possible his reward for the twenty minutes of irritation will be several hours of pleasure. He tries hard not to expect it, and he tries hard not to resent her if the impossible happens and he’s only rewarded with a kind thank  you, but the odds are so heavily in his favour that its close to an inevitability.

We’ve seen in posts here before that women are still looking for their knight in shining armour. I’ve also said before, what they really want, desperately, is to not actually have to do anything. Women want you to be responsible for the money, the respect, and the power and getting ahead in life. For this, they will iron your shirts. And, stay at home all day with your children.

Fortunately the world is changing and women are starting to see that responsibility for the home is not the same as running  Citigroup. They understand that there is a pleasure in taking on large amounts of responsibility. But they still resent the difficult day, they still feel enormous amounts of ‘stress’ and they still (trust me on this one) deep down think their day was really MUCH harder than yours.

In romance novels women ARE rescued all the time; but they are rescued from genuine evils that only the man in question can fight.  In all cases the women battle alongside him, standing up for themselves, their man and their children. Women love romance novels because the women are feisty and ultimately, the sorts of women we wish we were.


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