Sunday, June 07, 2009

Because women are fickle

waiting for beloved ("candid" shot)

I’ve written in posts here before that women will flirt to get attention and to gain power – over their best friends, over the partners, over world colleagues and superiors and ... well over anyone that will cross their path in the day.

However, I have not mentioned before that men know this, and that it leads them to wanton acts of masculinity in an effort to get over and get past the belief that women are fickle.

Women are fickle. They choose mates easily because they don’t want to be single, and then  they will find fault with that mate for as disparate reasons as he doesn’t look as much like Robert Pattinson as she first thought; he’s too much like her father; he’s not enough like her father; he doesn’t live up the fantasy she projected onto him. If this couple have only been together for a short period of time he is fortunate that she will simply leave – or fabricate enough fights and arguments to cause him to leave her. However, if they are married (which a woman will often ‘force’ if she feels uncomfortable, so she can trap herself) there is more trouble because a woman will break up a marriage in a so called act of ‘preservation’ which is usually an excuse to impose the same impossibly high ideal on the next man. If there are children involved the scenario is worse – she will carry on a love affair as her almighty act of ‘self preservation’.

What women don’t realise is that men know this. They see the standards imposed upon them – and it is true they created those standards – however, it is not unreasonable to expect that when a person declares they love you and will stand by you, that they mean that, and that they have claimed it with all the lucidity a free responsible person can claim.

Men will respond to this with the custom ‘mucho’ behaviour women despise. Women don’t see that this is in response to their own judgement, rather than an inevitability of living in a western society.

In romance novels women feel free to love with power. They choose their men and they stand by their choice. The strength with which they love pours out on their men, and their men are never stupid enough to take that love for granted. Love feeds love, and people are able to transcend petty differences and create the kind of long lasting love affair that could only truly be called a work of art.



  1. I enjoy reading about the female point of view. It's refreshing.

  2. Romance novels are a true reflection of women's relationships with men exactly the same way pornography is a true reflection of men's relationships with women. Fantasy like dreaming has it's place, but I personally think it is a mistake to put too much emphasis on them as true relections of how we want the world to be.

  3. I would agree (fellow) Barbara ... its a tongue in cheek king of thing... meant to unsettle the mind with a twist of perspective.
    It's not that serious... just a cheeky challenge on the way we see things, and what we call "normal"...
    Thanks so much for visiting and thanks a lot for taking the time to comment