Monday, June 08, 2009

Because women choose their partners too quickly

Young beautiful bride on a railway

First served, first come.

Single women are terrified of being single for the rest of their life. Now this isn’t always always true – I myself have some very close friends who love being single – but for the most part, women want to be in a relationship.

This has very little to do with nurturing, or love, or sexual intimacy. This has a lot more to do with the looks their girlfriends give them when they confess they are single, or the berating she receives from her mother when she admits she’s still single. It has to do with the power afforded the married woman.

The older a woman gets, the more desperate her desire to not be single any more. IN fact, women will tell you that ‘the world’ hates the single woman, but in fact ‘the world’ doesn’t really care either way if a woman is single or not. It’s the women who will look at each other, wordless accusations flying, and condemn a woman to being unable to ‘catch’ a man.

Of course, it’s really very easy to catch a man because almost every man wants to be married. So what usually happens is, driven by a deep terror of remaining single, women will attach themselves to males (usually someone a little beneath them socially) just so they can show the world that they don’t have to be single.

For this reason, so many women end up with the wrong man. They will also believe that it is his fault that they are so miserable in their marriage later, because it is obvious to ANYONE that he is incredibly lucky to have her and that she outclasses him. That she willed herself into this position too early is not something she will confess easily.

In romance novels, no one gets together and stays together unless they are in the delirium of deepest love. Sexual attraction lasts forever, love lasts forever, and women never, ever make the wrong choices out of necessity, when they are finally with the hero.


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