Saturday, June 20, 2009

Because women love tarot readings

tarot cards

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” Anais Nin

And there is no mystery greater than why women still love tarot readings.

As I have said before (in the post about Astrology) if a woman tells you that she doesn’t like tarot reading and doesn’t get them done – she’s lying. For some reason, that goes beyond all common sense and logic, women love tarot readings, and that is all there is to it.

And they are not about to give them up.

Don’t even TRY to fight this one with science. They are incompatible. It’s like trying to prove apples don’t exist because you can’t see any on the ground in front of you. Women will always believe there is ‘something more to us’ because they have such a strong, powerful intuition.

And the cards reinforce and support that idea of intuition.

A woman’s intuition (which is adored and worshiped by the cards) is fed and nurtured during tarot readings. Men, you have to think of it like this. Remember the Jerry Seinfeld skit where he says when you had your hearing test at school, you always fantasized that the nurse was going to tell you have super hearing that goes beyond anything they’ve ever seen before, and that you are actually profoundly gifted? We have the same thing going on here.

Women secretly fantasise that in every tarot reading, the reader will say “My god, I... I’ve never read for anyone like you before. Wow, your chart, I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re a genius, and you’ve actually got an incredible ability to read people, the likes of which I have never seen. It’s amazing. I should be asking for you to read me.....” and so on. That will give you a big clue into why I it so important for women to keep going back to tarot readers.

In romance novels, tarot is respected and treated as a genuine therapy at worst, and a flawless system for predicting the future at best. Women live by it, and always, in every reading, something remarkable and extraordinary is ‘seen’ in the future of the client. No one has a reading where they are told the $500 a year wage increase is the most exciting thing that will happen to them next year.


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