Sunday, June 14, 2009

Because women think feminism stole their choices

Buttons with Yes and No

“You are free – Choose” J.P. Sartre

There is very little in the western world that has polarized and divided people than feminism. And i am not talking about men and women here – I’m talking about women.

Women love to blame feminism for the strangest things. They blame feminism because they want to stay at home with their kids, because they want to go out to work, because they are attracted to men, because they’ve stopped being attracted to men, for being stuck with the housework, for having to manage their own money, for choosing to not have a child and for needing to do something about their own ambitions.

What this seems to show, really, is that women just like to complain.

Feminism gave women the choice - That’s it - Where before they had none, now they can choose.

What women don’t want is to be responsible and accountable for their choices. They want to blame their husband, Germaine Greer or feminism when they don’t like their choice anymore or when they are sick of their choice.  They do not want to accept responsibility for the choice they’ve made.

Women blame feminism, which only gave them the right to choose, for having to choose. That is actually at the base of all the complaints that women make about feminism. When women did not have those freedoms they could retain the child like state that we all claim we want. They didn’t have adult status and they didn’t live like adults.  And when they whinge about feminism, they’re really complaining about having to be an adult.

In romance novels, women ‘be’ their choice. Women face conflict and uncertainly with courage and strength of conviction. They choose men who love their choices and they live their choices honestly.


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