Saturday, June 06, 2009

Because women think a small amount of expereince makes them an expert

praying woman

A summer of swallows doesn’t make you.

Women do like to think they’re experts at most things. They particularly like to think they’re experts after they have either read a book about the subject, or had one experience of it.

Women don’t tend to have a firm grasp on reality. They like to think watching an Orprah program on financial planning makes them an expert on the subject.  If they follow this program up with reading the book Oprah recommends – the book the expert on the show wrote – they consider themselves to be a genius on the subject.  It is at this point, they will drive everyone around them mad with incessant advice they will happily pass out taking it deeply personally if the advice is not followed.

A favourite phrase of women is “The way I got past that is....” or “yes... I went through the same thing many years ago...” or “When I was struggling with this issue, I...” these are phrases all designed to make you feel as though she has transcended the moment you are struggling with. She with her book reading and her summer of experience has been able to move past the place that you are stuck in.

This applies particularly in areas where there is no formal education available and therefore no real testing of theories or ideas can take place. Areas like spirituality, friendships, self development, inner peace and feelings. Women will claim all kinds of expertise based on their own ‘struggles’ with the issue and recommend a series of books to you that ‘changed their life and helped them get through when they were struggling with the issue.’

If a woman gives you advice on these subjects and you don’t take it, you are virtually saying ‘you’re stupid and I am not interested in your advice, because you can’t possibly know anything.’ That is why more often than not people listen with polite interest and hope the subject dies before they actually have to do anything about it.

In romance novels, women are usually experts, however they have hard work and qualifiactions to back it up.  Women are intelligent and resourceful, but they have put these talents to good use in their lives. When they fall for their hero, they have full busy intellectual lives, so there is no need to exagerate any small tid bit of information they may have collected on the way.


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