Monday, June 22, 2009

Because women think they love the strong silent type


You get what you settle for

Women have always loved the strong silent type. Strong, is important – yes, but the most important things about the strong silent type – is that he’s silent.

While the advice from men can be very annoying (especially when it is inconceivable that you might not use it or heaven forbid, ignore it) that is nothing compared with how regularly it is received.

So women invented the idea of the ‘strong silent type.’

The man who is well built and doesn’t talk.

However, like all sexual stereotypes, what inevitably happens when a woman is confronted with the strong silent type, is incessant badgering about what is on his mind.

Never mind that what is on his mind is potato chips and a beer, or how long is it till the next football match. As soon as a woman is actually confronted with the strong silent type she will do everything thing in her power to get him to talk.

Which usually means one thing only- the thing women are brilliant at; endless badgering and emotional blackmail. The emotional blackmail will consist of everything from withholding sex all the way through to tantrums or sulking.

In the end of course, the strong silent type is not what any woman wants at all, but how typical to have made famous the very opposite of what they want.

In romance novels the men usually start out as the strong silent type, but the woman’s beauty, gentleness and charm (that special something that we saw in earlier posts) opens him up, usually for the first time in his life, and he starts to talk about the wonders on his mind. These are always deep insights into the way he ticks, which, of course, she can instantly decipher.



  1. For such reasons and post experiences,silent men for women are considered as deep and unclear personalities...The only woman who can get into this"unknown"only the one who's has an amount of adventure...

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